From Fri, 13 Dec 96 19:40:09 +0900
From: Takeshi Kurimoto 
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 96 19:40:09 +0900
Dear computer users in theory group:

  I have put new TeX system on PC-98 at room 308. You can 
use TeX programs on the "TeX" folder at the desktop of 
Windows 95 on PC-98. It is different from old TeX system 
where you can do edit, compile, preview and print on one unified 
program. Below I show how to use it: 

1) Make a TeX file using an editor you like. Probably "hidemaru editor" 
   will be suitable. Of course you can use another editor (like Note Pad 
   , メモ帳」in Win95) or word processor. Be suer to save the file in 
   text mode if you use a word processor.

2) Open "tex" in TeX folder by double culiking it. The compile your 
   TeX source. (If your TeX file is plain-TeX format, not in LaTeX format, 
   chose ptex at the setting.)

3) If complie succeed, open "view-print" program to see and print it.

The new system is a new version of LaTeX, so there might be 
non-compatibility with a TeX file prepared for old TeX system. 
For more details, consult a book "PLaTeX2e for Windows another manual" 
put by the computer. 

新しい TeX を 98 に入れました。TeX のバージョンが上がったために
前の TeX 用のファイルは通らないこともあります。詳細や使い方は
98 の横に置いた "PLaTeX2e for Windows another manual" という本を

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