The workshop is partially supported by the following grants:

  • wٗʁixRwj rYiwj

    University of Toyama
    Prof. Shunro Endo (President of the University of Toyama)

    University of Toyama

  • wٗʁixRwwjiwj

    Faculty of Science, University of Toyama
    Prof. Masaaki Shimizu (Dean of the Faculty of Science)

    Faculty of Science, University of Toyama

  • vc@l xRЂƂÂc

    Toyama Prefecture Citizens' Personal Development Foundation (TPCPDF)

  • vc@l {OωxRx

    Japan Educational Mutual Aid Association of Welfare Foundation, Toyama Branch

  • xRs

    Toyama City

    Toyama City

  • vc@l ȊwUc

    Inoue Foundation for Science

  • Ȋw@Vwp̈挤
    ueXP[̗_Iv KێqAW

    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
    "Theoretical Studies of new physics at TeV scale" Mihoko Nojiri, Shinya Kanemura